Veteran owned and made in USA


  • WINDPROOF:   When cleaning up we provide a windproof experience. The bag will stay open while you scoop the poop.
  • TOUGH:  We created a strong long lasting dog tool made with injected plastic.
  • ERGONOMIC:  Designed to comfortably hold the handle and counterbalanced for easy use.
  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE DESIGN:  Using a push pin design at the base of the Dood-eze allows you to fold it for easy storage and on the go. Fold in half design reduces the space needed in order to tuck it away or hang it up.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANUP TOOL:  We designed the Dood-eze for your Dogs and cats but is not limited to just these animals or use case. Any task that you want to tackle our product allows for the bag to stay open in any messy situation.

 Made in USA  Veteran owned pet business