Veteran owned and made in USA


Doodeze FAQ

  1. How do I open the Dood-eze?   
    1. Depress the buttons at the base of the handle and open the handle to the vertical position.  
  2. How do I insert the plastic grocery bag once I have the tool opened? 
    1. Insert the handle of the bag around the hook under the handle and roll other handle over the front end of the hoop. 
  3. What do I do once the bag is in the tool? 
    1. Hold with one hand as you clean up after your pets and insert the waste safely into the bag.  
    2. Once the bag is filled with your pets waste grab both handles of the plastic bag and tie it shut. 
    3. Dispose the bag into your outdoor garbage bin. 
  4. What if I don’t want my Dood-eze and want to return it? 
    1. We fulfill through Amazon and they will handle any returns like you normally do through Amazon. 
    2. You will need to go through the return process in your order and it will prompt you to print off a packing slip. 
  5. If I have further questions, who can I talk to? 
    1. You can email us at and we will promptly get back to you. 
  6. What does this product do? 
    1. We have a patented design that allows the user to clean-up after their pets waste and devoids the typical mess associated with this chore.  
    2. Once the bag is in the tool it offers the user a windfree experience and keeps the bag open in any weather. 
  7. What is your website address? 
    1. You can visit us at for updates and marketing information.  
  8. What is the size of the Dood-eze? 
    1. We offer a lightweight tool coming in at 9oz.  
    2. The tool length is 14”x8” and takes up only 4.5” when folded down.  
  9. What colors do you offer? 
    1. Blue, White, Pink, Red, and Black
  10. Do you offer customizations? 
    1. At this time we are not customizing our Tool but this will be an added feature in the future.  Sign up for our newsletter for updates.  You can subscribe to our newsletter in the footer of
  11. Where is your Product manufactured? 
    1. We are proud to say our tool is manufactured in Detroit, MI.  We pride ourselves in giving jobs to the U.S. workforce. 
  12. Are you a veteran owned company? 
    1. Yes, the founder spent 20 years serving our nation and are proud to continue this drive.